Ionic Superjet+ (Shower head only)

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Enjoy the benefits of the Ionic Superjet+ Shower Head, a patented technology offering a hydrating shower with negative ions and dual filters to refresh your showering experience. The microfilter and antibacterial filter is pre-inserted inside the shower head, which helps kill bacteria and removes contaminants and odour out of the water.

Up to 3x water pressure

Patented watering plate with 412 photo-etched holes increases water pressure by 3 times

Generates negative ions worth more than 100 waterfalls (Approx. 582,000 anions/cc)

Water passed through the patented super fine watering holes creates billions of negative ions that refreshes your body, plus purifies odours in the air.

Dual filtration system

  • Microfilter: Removes contaminants and particles from water
  • Antibacterial ceramic filter: Helps kill bacteria and remove odour

Swirl-Action creates silky smooth water

Special wings attached to the ceramic filter creates a mini-tornado inside the handle. This improves the filtration function and produces silkier water with greater moisturising and massaging effects

Collagen filter

This additional filter is consisted of 100% collagen, and can be inserted into the shower head for a collagen-infused shower. Collagen is known to help attribute to skin moisturising and vitalisation. It also helps improve contours of the skin and helps give strength, structure, and elasticity to the skin. *The collagen filter is not included in this pack, and can be purchased separately.


  • Watermark: WM70099
  • Not Star Rated, 7.5 litres per minute
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Ionic Superjet + (Shower head only)Ionic Superjet+ (Shower head only)