After installation of Quoss Reno Transformer Series, hot water does not come out, and only cold water comes out from all other taps  in the house. / Or, only hot or luke warm water comes out.  
  This problem is called “cross connection”, when the pressure of cold water surpasses that of the hot water (Or rarely, vice versa). This usually happens when the installation has not been done correctly. When a cross connection happens, you will experience water coming out of the hose cock (BP19), where the old shower head or spout used to be. By checking on the hose cock while installation, you can verify whether there are any cross connection problems and prevent it before completing the installation. 

      Possible causes of cross connection:
        1. You did not tighten the inner cylinder of the crank connector  
        » Wrong installation. Please read our installation guide carefully and tighten the inner cylinder of the crank 
connector with the hex key (allen key) provided. Make sure you tighten until the inner cylinder hits the
          very end. 

         2. You tightened it too hard until the rubber washer on the tip of the crank connector got damaged, leading to leaks.
         » Contact us to get a new rubber washer, then re-install the crank connector.  
         3. Your in-wall recess tee is located deeper than 20mm from the wall, so the rubber washer cannot reach the very 
         end (the recess tee seat) 
         » Connect the deeper extensions (included in the fitting box) and re-install. Please refer to the installation guide
          for more information. 

  After installation of Quoss Reno Transformer Series, the water pressure has dropped remarkably, or no water comes out.
  The water saver inside the mixer could be clogged up with debris or dirt. By using a spanner and allen key, you can take out the water saver, clean it and put it back inside. Please contact us for detailed information on how to do this.

Maintenance Guidelines for Aroma Shower Heads
        It is recommended that you regularly clean your shower head to prevent blockage and/or damage. Regular
        maintenance will also ensure optimal water pressure. The frequency of your maintenance routine should vary
        depending on the quality of water in your location.

        Because the patented photo-etched holes are very fine, lack of maintenance can cause build-up of lime, calcium and
        other particles in the holes. This can cause water pressure to exceed product specifications, leading to failures such
        as cracked parts, leaks, buckled shower plate, etc. 

         How to clean the watering plate
         1. Fill a small bowl with white vinegar or fresh Coke and soak the watering plate.
         2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
         3. Leave it for several hours, or overnight or longer if build-up is severe.   
         4. Minerals, lime, calcium and other build-ups will dissolve away from the holes. 
         5. Rinse the watering plate with cold water.  

         How to clean the micro filter 
         Wash the micro filter with warm water to remove deposits. Be careful not to squeeze or twist the filter.

         How to clean the ceramic ball filter
         Wash the ceramic ball filter under warm water, and give it a good shake while rinsing to remove any deposits. 

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